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Firm Capabilities

E3 Energy and associated consultants areas of expertise and capabilities:


·        Battery Markets and revenues

·        Existing markets for storage

·        Storage market price/revenue forecasts

·        Market forces affecting storage markets including utility, regulator, legislative and ISO changes

·        Alternative revenues from storage including:

o   Customer sited storage revenue

o   Distribution grid benefits

o   Wholesale and transmission benefits

·        Due diligence of battery revenues for investment

·        Financial modeling

·        Back-up power benefits

·        Solar + storage tax benefits

Battery technology review and capex

·        Cost of battery systems and components

·        Evaluation of battery suppliers

·        Evaluation of battery inverter manufacturers

·        Cost element breakdown and review

·        Performance and safety characteristics of different battery chemistries

·        Review and guidance on opex and battery refurbishment times and costs

Project EPC timeline and critical path review

Storage project operations and dispatch

·        Overview of storage operations service providers and costs

·        Communications protocols

·        Dispatch hierarchy

·        Back-up power operational conditions and benefits

Legislative and regulatory issues

·        Review of FERC proceedings

·        Overview of FERC directives on ISO storage markets

·        State storage incentive programs review and advocacy

·        Interventions at FERC and state regulatory proceedings

·        Identification of storage new market opportunities related to legislative activities

·        Interaction with local governments on storage costs, benefits and safety


Contracts and Warranties

·        Review of storage performance contracts


Christopher Cook (Sr. Consultant) – Notable Achievements & Expertise

• Founder or co-founder of four start-up companies all of which provided a return on and a return of investor’s investments. Total capital increase of all ventures is approximately $450 million.

• Author of two provisional patents:  1st patent filed for SunEdison and 1st patent filed for Solar Grid Storage.

• Creator of the concept of the SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credit -- based on idea of RECs) which became the model incentive structure for five states’ solar incentive programs.

• Created the first in the nation solar partnership under the Clinton million solar roofs initiative.

• Created the platform for measuring state program success for the Interstate Renewable Energy Council providing a letter grade structure for each state. IREC has used the grading platform for the last 18 years.

• Wrote the first solar PPA contract for SunEdison which became a model contract for the solar industry.

• Wrote the first solar module power production warranty for SunEdison which became the model solar module warranty in the industry.

• Wrote a first of its kind battery warranty for Solar Grid Storage.

• Developed the first model rules for net metering which has been used by advocates in the majority of the US states.

• Developed the first model small generator interconnection rules which were used by FERC in developing their initial small generator rules.

• Identified the 2MW limit and “15 percent rule” as the key components of the model small generator interconnection rules.

• Principal architect of the New Jersey solar program which propelled the State to the second largest solar program in the US after its adoption.

• Authored with assistance of SunEdison staff, the law that created the Maryland solar program.

• Authored the first Maryland net metering law.










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